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RIPE@2016 Registration is Open!

The conference programme is taking shape nicely and the organizers have now opened the registration site for the RIPE@2016 conference, which takes place in Antwerp, Belgium on September 22-24. If you submitted a paper proposal and did not hear a response by now, please contact Hilde van den Bulck ( to get caught up on the review results. 

You can register for the conference on this link. The organisers are using a unique, dedicated website to handle logistics for this year's conference, so you won't use the RIPE website (i.e. this one you are now browsing) for registration. All of the substantive elements will be notified here, and the papers will be uploaded to the RIPE library on this site, but the logistics are handled separately. We hope this won't be an inconvenience for anyone. Our shared goal is to make sure that everything happens smoothly, that information is clear and easy to find, and that response time is rapid. 

Anyone with a paper accepted for presentation (based on the peer reviewed abstract) can register. Ph.D. students receive an appropriate discount. Space for those without a paper is limited, so if you want to attend but won't have a paper, please get in touch soon. 


The new RIPE Reader is published!!

The RIPE@2015 Reader has published and is now available from Nordicom. The book is tltled Crossing Borders and Boundaries in Public Service Media and the purchase price is only €28 euros. Here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Crossing Borders & Boundaries in PSM: Heritage, Complication and Development by Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Peter Goodwin & Nobuto Yamamoto

Chapter 2: Broadcasting in the Post-Broadcast Era: Technology and Institution in the Development of Public Service Media by Taisto Hujanen

Chapter 3: The PSM Paradox with Net Neutrality by Marko Ala-Fossi

Chapter 4: Above Us the Sky: The New Battle for Borders in Spectrum Allocation by Sylvia Harvey

Chapter 5: Public Service Media in ‘Coopetitive’ Networks of Marketisation by Tanja Meyerhofer

Chapter 6: European Public Service Media and Communication Rights by Minna Aslama Horowitz & Hannu Nieminen

Chapter 7: International Broadcasting and Editorial Independence: Case NHK Japan by Takashi Ito

Chapter 8: Fighting the Neoliberalised Media Market and State Interference:The Interdependency of Taiwan PTS and Civil Society Organisations by Hui-Ju Tsai

Chapter 9. PSB and Press Freedom in the 2010s: Challenges for Radio Television Hong Kong by Ken-ichi Yamada & Nobuto Yamamoto

Chapter 10. State-administered Public Service Broadcasting in Morocco by Bouziane Zaid

Chapter 11: Public Service Media and the Commons: Crossing Conceptual and institutional boundaries by Corinne Schweizer

Chapter 12: Finding Public Service Media in a Global Mediascape by Lizzie Jackson

Chapter 13: Crossing New Boundaries in Public TV Drama: The Transnational Success of Denmark’s Forbrydelsen by Trisha Dunleavy

Chapter 14: PSM Going Global? Navigating the Trans Border Rights Minefield by Benjamin J. Bates

Chapter 15: Crossing Boundaries for Innovation: Content Development for PSM at Yle by Sari Virta & Gregory Ferrell Lowe

Order your personal copy today, and please encourage your university or institutional library to order a copy as well! This is a not-for-profit publication, so all proceeds go directly to paying off the publication costs.


Greg Lowe

Welcome to the new RIPE website!

The RIPE website has been renewed and we hope you like the new look and find the usability much improved. Our site is cleaner, clearer and more contemporary, and most importantly better for finding and downloading papers from past conferences. This is the blog section where we will keep everyone updated on current happenings.

At the moment we are eagerly anticipating the release of the RIPE@2015 Reader from Nordicom. That is due out any day now! And the excitement is building for the RIPE@2016 conference next September in Belgium. Working with a couple of young researchers from Australia, we are organising a first ever pre-conference for the afternoon before the welcoming reception. Called ERC@RIPE, the pre-conference will launch a new RIPE initiative to support Early Career Researchers. 

Also take a look at Get Involved! to learn about another initiative we are developing in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union. It's called the Global PSM Experts network. If you haven't already, we hope you will  join! You'll find past newsletters and contact information. This is a very interesting project that supports global networking and comparative research. 

You don’t need to register to access our new site, but if you want to download papers from the RIPE Library then it is necessary to register. We’ve made that easy to do and you only need to provide your name and email address. You will then create a password and after that you are good to go! We did this to solve a problem with ‘open publication’ that colleagues in the network have been dealing with in recent years. We promise your personal information won’t be shared with any third party.

So welcome to the new RIPE site, and have a good time!


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