The RIPE@2017 Reader is Looking Great!

The RIPE@2017 Reader is shaping up to be another excellent resource in the continuing series published by Nordicom since 2003. Editors and reviewers alike agree the substance of contributions is excellent. This 8th RIPE Reader will be on par with the quality of work and wealth of insight that has been characteristic for 15 years already. The book theme, Public Service Media in the Networked Society, captures the pulse of our times in dealing with conceptual, operational and critical dimensions of the networked society paradigm with specific focus on roles, functions, opportunities and limitations for PSM in that. 

Together with Hilde Van den Bulck at the University of Antwerp and Karen Donders at the Free University in Brussels, we've been editing the 16 chapters that will comprise the book, and will begin drafting the introductory chapter soon. This comes towards the end of each project so we can include the most important contributions from each chapter. Most of the chapters are now in peer review, although a few are completed and a couple that are in the second revision stage that precedes peer review. Most often chapters require three or four drafts to complete. The book will be completed this year, but will not publish until early 2018. That has been the typical due to our reliance on double-blind peer-review to ensure the highest scholarly standards. This requires more time for each project, but the results will make the time and effort worth the wait!

As with all earlier books in the series, the RIPE@2017 Reader will be available as a free download in PDF format on Nordicom's website when published, and hard copies can be ordered at a very reasonable price (about €30 per copy). 

Gregory Ferrell Lowe