RIPE@2016 was excellent!

The RIPE@2016 conference last week in Belgium was another excellent experience. Many participants have been writing messages of appreciation for our hosts -- VRT, the Flemish PSB provider, the University of Antwerp and the Free University of Brussels. The organisers did a terrific job of preparing a conference that was substantive in intellectual rigour, engaging in participatory discourse, and enjoyable in social experiences. The theme for our eighth biennial conference proved to be timely and highly relevant for both of the communities involved -- academic and practitioner: Public Service Media in a Networked Society?

We have not uploaded the conference papers yet because it's important to give authors the opportunity to decide if this might be a problem for anyone. Most are not concerned because the papers are now password protected, so anyone wanting to read a paper must register and have a personal password first (in the RIPE Library section of this site). This is how things work on ResearchGate and similar sites that most of us use these days to network with those most interested in our work. Next week we will upload all the papers for which there is not a request to not do so.

We now begin the process of selecting the best 15 to 20 papers for consideration as peer-reviewed chapters for the RIPE@2017 Reader that will be published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. The eighth book in the series will be co-edited by Gregory Ferrell Lowe (University of Tampere, Finland) and Hilde Van den Bulck (University of Antwerp). Authors with papers invited for submission to the book are not guaranteed publication because we employ the same rigorous standards that apply to any quality journal in the field. And it is quite rare that there would a conference paper that doesn't require considerable development to be included in the collection. It will take a little time for the editors to review all 60+ of the conference papers to make the selection, so please be patient if you are an author of one of them. We will be in touch as soon as we can and hope that those with selected papers have not submitted elsewhere earlier. The series of RIPE Readers is the definite collection of scholarship on public service media in the past 15 years, and is the most widely cited source of articles as a collection. Moreover, Nordicom now provides all of the Readers as free downloads in PDF format. This boosts citations greatly, of course, and means the collection can be used by colleagues in places without funding for books and so forth. 

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