RIPE@ Call for Leadership

This is a Call for Nominees for five proposed positions that will comprise the new RIPE@ leadership team.

The RIPE international initiative for the development of public service media launched in 2000 and has accomplished a great deal. The initiative has advocated the continuing importance of social responsibility in media and the public service mission above all other concerns. RIPE is an international network that supports scholarship and explores practical application adapted to 21st century conditions.  The initiative is the first of its kind and is dedicated to facilitating university-industry collaboration.  Through our conferences and books, RIPE@ has charted and supported the digital transformation of PSB.

Recent years have seen changes that require fresh efforts to develop the initiative, which will be best accomplished by introducing a new leadership structure. During the RIPE@2018 conference, a first ever General Meeting will be convened on October 20.  The agenda has three items: 1) announce a new leadership team for RIPE@, 2) launch deliberations on important projects the team should tackle in next several years, and invite volunteers to contribute to these projects, and 3) introduce changes in the editorship approach for the RIPE Reader series.

The team will be comprised of five posts, to begin: 1) RIPE President, 2) RIPE Vice-President, 3) RIPE Secretary, 4) RIPE Community Manager, and 5) RIPE Practitioner.  Gregory Ferrell Lowe will participate as RIPE Continuity Director, which is not an elected post. His role is to advise and support the Leadership Team. The team will have decision-making authority along with the responsibility of managing ongoing affairs and new development. The Practitioner post will represent the interests of PSM managers and organizations.  The Community Manager post will facilitate communications for our international network and to coordinate volunteers working on agreed development priorities.  We will begin with a two-year term of office to also produce the 2020 conference in coordination with the academic organizer and PSM sponsor for that conference.  The posts could be subject to renewal, but this requires thought and guidelines that should be ready for 2020.

Elected positions with proper titles and relevant roles are necessary for the legitimacy of the Leadership Team within the RIPE community, and for credibility among universities in decisions on tenure and promotion. This marks a significant change that is necessary for two reasons, primarily. First, the sustainability of the RIPE initiative requires widening leadership and growing democratic participation. The founders are either already retired or will retire soon. Second, the development of RIPE@ will benefit most from fresh eyes and renewed energy that is best guaranteed by creating a new leadership structure.

Anyone interested can nominate themselves or a colleague. The deadline for nominations is October 1, 2018.  Please do so by informing Gregory Ferrell Lowe ( and Minna Aslama Horowitz (  The candidates will be voted on by the RIPE Advisory Board (RAB) members for the inaugural election this year. Broadening and maturing the approach to elections and voting will be one of the priorities for the inaugural leadership team before RIPE@2020, to be handled in the next General Meeting.

Nominees do not need to be RAB members, but for this inaugural event only RAB members vote on the nominees for each post.  A candidate for any post can nominee herself, or be nominated by a colleague. The RAB members are an experienced and diverse group who have produced our past conferences and co-edited the RIPE Reader series. The best approach for elections may be different in later years, as noted earlier.

If you have questions, please address them to Greg at the email addresss provided above.