PSM in the Global South

A new e-book is available in Open Access format from Simon Fraser University. Download the book from this link: This is the culmination of a project that started in the RIPE@2014 conference in Tokyo, which benefitted from the participation of early career researchers from several countries in the Global South -- funded by a generous grant from the Open Societies Foundation. These participants met with colleagues from many countries and discussed the possibilities for publishing a report on common challenges and unique aspects of public service media as a developmental initiative in many countries outside the West today. The result is a useful and fascinating series of analyses of the situation in Bangladesh, Morocco, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South Africa authored by scholars and practitioners with situated expertise in each case country. The lead editor is Anis Rahman at Simon Fraser Universities, one of the original grant recipients who volunteered to lead the project. He was assisted by Gregory Ferrell Lowe, Continuity Director for RIPE, who served as second editor.