Call for Papers for a special journal issue on radio!!

The Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media

Call for Papers: Special issue on Public Service Radio (15:1 May 2017)

Guest editors: Per Jauert, Aarhus University, Denmark and Marko Ala-Fossi, University of Tampere, Finland

Submission deadline 1 Dec 2016

Since the beginning of this century, public service broadcast media have faced a number of challenges due to the introduction and growth of digital platforms, which have combined free-to-air distribution with on-demand features, return channels, and options for user feedback and involvement – a move from public service broadcasting to public service media. This move beyond a transmission model for radio has stimulated the development of cross-media and cross-genre content and has challenged traditional concepts of radio structures as well as production, content, and listening cultures. Nonetheless, universally available broadcast radio is still arguably a defining criterion of the entire concept of PSB/PSM.

The Radio Journal invites scholarly work exploring and investigating, from multiple perspectives, the role and function of radio in the PSB/PSM turn, for example:
• How have national PSB/PSM policies and regulation initiatives influenced radio landscapes?
• To what extent have on-demand features changed production procedures, traditional radio genres, and perceptions of radio audiences?
• What are the consequences of the use of social media in radio production, distribution and audience behavior for traditional PSB radio?
• Will PSB radio still be one of the core services of public service media – or what roles and functions may PSB radio serve in post-broadcast societies?
The Radio Journal also invites submission to the general section of 15:1. The journal publishes critical analyses of radio and sound media across a variety of platforms, from broadcast to podcast and all in between.  We define ‘radio’ broadly to include not only traditional broadcasting, but any form of creative or factual expression that takes place primarily through sound. We place a strong emphasis on publishing work that reflects radio’s diversity, from a wide range of national and transnational perspectives.
Articles (6,000 – 8,000 words) should be submitted to Please include a separate cover page with: article title; author’s name and affiliation; brief abstract (100–200 words); keywords (6–8); author’s biography (100–200 words); author’s institutional postal and email address. No identifying information should appear on any other pages of the article, to aid in the blind review process.  See the Radio Journal website for more information and to download our Notes to Contributors for style and formatting instructions.

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Special Issue - Public Service Radio:
Per Jauert and Marko Ala-Fossi
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