Crossing Boundaries for Innovation: Content Development for PSM


In the turbulent environment of media convergence, public service broadcasting [PSB] organisations are expected not only to produce quality content but also to take risks and lead in the pursuit of innovation.

This poses a significant challenge in the continuing transition to public service media [PSM]1, which is largely what convergence means in practice for the public sector. Convergence is about cross-‐ boundaries, blurring them and perhaps even erasing. This is about administrative and production practices, but also importantly about learning new ways of thinking.

That is not simple or easy for organisations that are typically big, old and traditional. There is a heritage of doing things differently than the commercial sector, but reluctance to do things differently than the internally developed heritage.

This creates enormous challenges for bridging the various elements that must be bridged to secure innovation. This paper is about those challenges. The focus is on crossing boundaries to achieve innovation within and for PSM content development.

Institutions and media companies: 

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