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Welcome to the RIPE website, a non-profit network of scholars and practitioners involved with the study, development and management of public service media organisations.If you use Facebook, please Like our  RIPE Facebook page to keep up with news, developments and announcements, and to access relevant links posted by network members.

What’s happening now?

Public Service Media in a Networked Society? is the theme for our 8th biennial RIPE conference 22-24 September 2016 in Belgium! The conference will be hosted by the University of Antwerp (Department of Political and Social Sciences) in collaboration with the Free University of Brussels (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication). The conference is sponsored by the Belgian public service media organisation, VRT, our host for Day 1. There will be a welcoming reception, as usual, the evening before.

Click the RIPE@2016 CFP FINAL to get the Call for Papers!  

The 2014 conference will be archived soon and the tab changed for easy access to materials for the 2016 conference, so please check back routinely in the weeks and months ahead for the latest information!

We’ve added a new tab called Get Involved! Click to find out how you can contribute to research, discourse and take action supporting the development of public service media around the world. In the new page you can access RIPE newsletters about relevant international projects, access RIPE videos on our new YouTube channel, and download reports and other materials of general interest to the field. The videos are produced by  Michael Huntsberger (Linfield College, USA).

The editorial process for the RIPE@2015 Reader is nearly completed! The seventh Reader in the RIPE series will be published by NORDICOM (click here for details) and is titled Public Service Media Across Borders and Boundaries. The contributors address a variety of crucial cross-boundary issues that are increasingly characteristic and challenging given the domestic roots and orientation of PSB historically. International boundaries are one obvious issue, but there are other relevant aspects such as collapsing boundaries between audiences and producers, between media channels, between markets and firms, between sectors, and between stakeholders. The co-editors are Gregory Ferrell Lowe (University of Tampere, Finland) and Nobuto Yamamoto (Keio University, Japan).  To find out who is contributing, about which topics, and to learn how the editorial process is handled, click the RIPE@2015 Reader tab.

The Open Society Foundation is funding three projects that are headed for the finish line! One project  is a series of videos about public service media and RIPE. You can watch the videos already posted and see new ones as they come online. See the Get Involved page to find them easily. The second project is a scholarly report that will published late this year or early next year as an open-access document about PSM in the Global South. This project is led by Anis Rahman, a Ph.D. student at Simon Fraser University in Canada. The third project has developed a mapping of our  global network of PSM scholars and researchers. Minna Aslama Horowitz is in charge of this and the early results are very interesting. They are also available on the Get Involved page. Minna is a professor at St. John’s University in the USA and is affiliated with the University of Helsinki. She is doing interesting work on strategies for media reform


Background to the RIPE Initiative

RIPE is an acronym for Re-Visionary Interpretations of the Public Enterprise. This international initiative launched in 2001 as a collaboration between the University of Tampere and Yleisradio (Yle) in Finland. The network connects two communities with distinctive but interdependent interests in the future of public service broadcasting: the scholarly community that conducts pertinent research and the community of PSB practitioners responsible for the management and operations of this media sector. To learn about the initiative, please click the AboutRIPE section in the black banner above. You’ll find an overview of RIPE history and explanations for how the planning process and actual conference experience are produced. 

In our Archive section you can access papers and proceedings from past RIPE conferences since 2002. We’ve left the dedicated page in place for the RIPE@2014 conference in Tokyo, Japan. Those contents will be moved to the archives when planning for the RIPE@2016 conference in Belgium begins in earnest. There is a wealth of information, research and international contacts that are useful for researchers, teachers, policymakers and strategic managers. We delink papers upon the written request of authors that preferred this, but the vast majority are happy to contribute to the richness this site provides for those who want to develop deeper understandings about public service media around the world. Fair use rules obviously apply. The authors own the copyrights to their respective works and users must respect any specified restrictions regarding use of any paper, and provide proper citations when quoting or referring to any paper in one’s own publications or presentations.